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All wood cut by Olguin's Sawmill is from local native logs. Most material is from within a hundred mile radius of the mill and much is from private land. Native trees most commonly milled at Olguin's are Douglas fir, also known as red fir because of its beautiful hint of red color; white fir which, when milled, is a very bright white in its natural state and has a nice consistency when stained; Ponderosa pine, known for its softness and easy sawing and carving ability and Spruce which has its own uniqueness. All species can be used in practically any application depending upon the desires of the craftsman.

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Vigas are used for roof support in Southwestern style building and are generally made from pine or dead standing spruce. When used for roof support they are called vigas and when used vertically are called posts. Olguin's produces vigas in sizes 6-16" in diameter and up to 32' in length and are generally hand peeled with a draw knife prior to delivery to the customer. Vigas are also provided in a "natural" state of gray and silver.

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Latillas are small poles used for fencing, ceilings, art projects and rough furniture. Latillas can be from a variety of woods but in the Taos area are generally either aspen or spruce. Olguin's provides peeled and unpeeled spruce latillas for fencing and ceilings as well as art projects. Peeled aspen latillas are generally used for ceilings, art projects and furniture. Gray aspen latillas are used in the southwest for "coyote fences". Latillas sold at Olguin's are generally 2-4" in diameter and 8' and 12' in length.

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Beams are cut from native trees which include pine, spruce and white and red fir and range from 4x4 to 16x16 and in lengths from 8 - 32". Beams are used for ceiling and wall support, as window and door casements and for "lentils". They can be square, rectangle or used for carved posts.

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handcrafted by Olguin's

Corbels are decorative blocks which support beams in either interior or exterior applications. They can be plain or decoratively carved with a variety of shapes and designs. Corbels can be made from all the native woods that Olguin's uses.

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handcrafted by Olguin's

Posts are produced from all the woods native to Northern New Mexico and can be square or carved into a variety of patterns. Posts are generally from 6x6 to 12x12 but can be other sizes as well depending upon the application.

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Olguin's produces fencing material in a variety of products. "Coyote" fencing has a long history in the Southwest when the Native Americans, early Spanish settlers and later the Europeans protected their property and livestock from wild animals and marauding bands of desperados. These "coyote" fences were made from dead aspen poles obtained nearby. We sell the "latillas" for this type of fencing as well as rough cut 1x6 and 1x8 material and a product called "edge slabs" which is the bark and a few inches of the log cut off during the milling process.


All lumber milled at Olguin's is rough cut meaning it is not smooth or "planed". Builders in the Southwest use this lumber as is (rough) or planed or sanded for a more refined finish and look. We saw 1x and 2x material from all the species native to Northern New Mexico and from lengths of 8'-24' in length. Olguin's is a custom cut mill and produces lumber and beam packages requested by the builder. We also cut excess for in-yard stock for sale to the general public as well as the professional building trade.



Many people living in Northern New Mexico depend in part or entirely upon wood for their heating source in the Winter and some still use wood exclusively for cooking. Olguin's produces and sells split firewood year round and sells a "mixture" containing fir, spruce, aspen and pine as well as piñon. Firewood logs by the truck load are delivered to those hardy individuals who still desire to block and split their own but lack the resources of going to the "mountains" and cutting their own timber.

wood shavings


During the milling process and the production of vigas and posts, the mill produces wood shavings and sawdust which it sells to local landscape companies and the general public. Many horse owners buy the sawdust for their stalls which can be picked up locally at the mill or delivered to their stables.

FURNITURE IDEAS (made from Olguin's materials)

Although Olguin's does not product furniture itself, many local craftsman use the various wood species from Olguin's to product the "rustic" Southwest style of furniture as well as the more refined pieces found in the nation's finest furniture stores.

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wood for art


Taos and the surrounding area has long been the haven for local as well as world renowned artists. Olguin's provides wood of all kinds for their creative endeavors.